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This site is an official information site of OOO SKB Prominform. Here put the information of our company activity orientation as well as contacts. Our company offers multipurpose solutions on communication, control systems, industrial automation. The main activities are: system integration and communication system development as well as production. We accept device development and production orders by customer request.
In Production section you get to know the production of SKB Prominform (both series as well as short run with order).

The Main directions of company activities:

System Integration

Devepoment and production

Billing and information systems


Training centre

During 12 years on telecommunication market by the specialists of SKB Prominform had been realized many developments as well as organized production and supplies of modern telecommunication equipments for communication statement and other departments

During the progress years on telecommunication development/production sphere our company has established modern production basis which let to propose a realization of set variety works with high guarantee quality from printed circuit board tracing and designing to pre-production model making, short-runs electronic modules sets, devices and blocks by partners

High level personal qualification, advanced information technology ownership, modern material and technical basis permit to distinguish particularly for customer requirements realising services like:

- Printed circuit boards development and order placing on their making at our partners production
- - Modern corresponding elemental basis selection and full complete of order units
- SMD and DIP component mounting for any compactness. Pre-production models and short-runs electronic modules sets making in terms of printed boards
- Case blocks assembling, electrotechnical units and cross equipment mounting
- Design, mounting and start-adjusting works of telecommunication systems on customer installation

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Hoping on mutually beneficial collaboration.